Tuesday, 23. December 2008
finally got rid of the problem of debugging my flex application
finally sorted out the problem i was having while debugging my flash application. It was working well till yesterday but suddenly i could not debug my flex applicationt this morning. I searched on the internet for it and voila!!!, i have to say i found the silver bullet to my problem.

I ran my flex application and while the flex builder is trying to connect to the debugger, i quickly right clicked on my application and clicked on 'Debugger', then on the dialog box that appears i chose 'Other Machine' and gave as the ip addres.

Still i don't know the root cause of the problem but the good news for me is, it saved my time and of course my precious 'man hours' ;).

Thanks to

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Monday, 29. September 2008
Problem in VB MOd operator for Double data type

Recently while i was learning to use VB for Microsoft Excel, i was stuck in an strange problem while using the Mod operator. The operation thew Overflow Error whenever i tried to perform the Mod operation on a double. After googling the problem, i found it was a common problem and it took me no time to get to the solution.

I got the error when on following statement:
49773387027# Mod 221

The Mod is an integer operation, whereas Double is a floating point number. The Mod operation will throw "Overflow Error" if either operand is larger than 231 - 1.

So i created my own function as shown below:
Private Function findMod(number As Double, divisor As Double) As Double

    Dim temp1 As Double
    Dim temp2 As Double
    Dim result As Double
    temp1 = Fix(number / divisor)
    temp2 = temp1 * divisor
    result = number - temp2
    findMod = result

End Function
This worked perfectly for me.

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Friday, 19. September 2008
enjoying reading Joel on Software..
These days i am reading a book titled "Joel ON Software: And on ....". Every chapter i pass by, i think myself as a fledgling in the world of software development though its been 3 years i have started working on it. It has explained so many aspects of software development i didn't care about. I was like just sit and start writing codes. But software programming is not just about writing lines of codes.Albeit coding is essential part of software programming, there are more equally necessary as described in the book. I haven't yet completed it but as soon as i am done, i will paraphrase all the aspects.

So keep tuning ;).

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